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What We Do

As a strategic events agency, Beyond Branding Events is uniquely positioned to help businesses achieve their goals through innovative and impactful experiential marketing strategies. With over 22 years in the industry, we possess a wealth of experience in event planning, marketing, and campaign management, and we take a results-driven approach to every project.

We understand that in today’s fast-paced business world, every detail matters. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive event strategies that align with their objectives, leveraging our expertise to maximize event impact and ROI. Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable results that drive business growth and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Strategic Event Marketing

Developing Event Strategies

We believe that events should be viewed as a strategic investment rather than just a tactical expense. We are dedicated to helping businesses develop event strategies that align with their overall business objectives. This includes identifying target audiences, determining the appropriate marketing channels, developing messaging and branding, and creating a comprehensive marketing plan.

Portfolio Management

Event Portfolio Management

We can help businesses manage their event portfolios, ensuring that events are strategically selected and planned to deliver maximum impact and ROI. This includes identifying the right mix of events, determining optimal timing and frequency for each event, and developing a cohesive strategy. Analyzing the performance of past events and helping you make data-driven decisions about which events to continue or discontinue.

Data & Automation

Data Analytics, Insights & Evaluation

Evaluating the success of the event management program and providing insights can be used to improve future programs. It includes setting up evaluation metrics, analyzing data from past events, and using data to make informed decisions about future programs.

Automation Strategy Development

We work with clients to develop an automation strategy that aligns with their goals, identifying effective areas for automation, selecting tools and platforms, and developing a plan for implementing and managing automation processes.

Resource Management

Resource Allocation & Management

We help you managing the resources required for running a successful event management program. It includes developing budgets, allocating resources, and ensuring that resources are managed effectively throughout the program.

Resource Leveraging & Repurposing

Beyond Branding Events maximizes event impact by leveraging existing resources creatively. This includes repurposing content, identifying new opportunities and building campaigns to increase engagement and drive results, while keeping marketing costs in check.

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